Effetre Murano Rod - Handmade Blu Mosaico - 100g

Effetre Murano Rod - Handmade Blu Mosaico - 100g



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Effetre - COE 104

Made on the Venetian island of Murano, these rods are most commonly used for beadmaking or lampworking and are probably the best known producer of soft glass rods.

Handmade rods are specially attractive on account of their very subtle, unique colours and highstanding quality. Often combined with special reactions to make your beads stand out.

After being handpulled, the rods are cut to approx. 1 metre. For shipping we will shorten them down to a managable size (approx. 30cm). Each unit of 100g will contain 4-6 pieces of approx. 30cm each. If you need anymore information on this, please don`t hesitate to contact us. 

Discounts are available for 300g packs (10%) and 1kg packs (40%).

Note: NOT compatible with Bullseye Rods.

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