Art Clay Gold  - Clay K22 - 3g

Art Clay Gold - Clay K22 - 3g



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Art Clay Gold 22 K consists of 22K gold powder, binding agent and water. The binding agent is produced from harmless pulp fiber. During firing, the 22K gold powder solidifies. The binding agentt consists of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen resulting in the relase of harmless carbon dioxide and steam during firing. After firing you get 100% 22K gold mass. Shrinkage 15%.

This product is water based.If the clay becomes stiff during shaping, add a few drops of water and knead it well. You can prevent the gold from sticking to your hands by rubbing them with a few drops of olive oil first. Before firing, make sure that the temperature reading of your kiln is accurate. Gold will melt at 1063°C, therefore it is important the the firing will not exceed 1000°C. Oxygen can be consumed or smoke and gas emission may result during firing. Always be sure to ventilate your workroom.
Take out only the necessary amount of clay. Place the rest of the gold clay in a zip lock bag and keep it in a sealed container to prevent it from drying.

At a temperature of 990°C, holding for 60 minutes. Remove the piece from the kiln when cooled down to approx. 400°C.

Combining with Art Clay Silver
You can easily combine components of Art Clay Gold 22K with Art Clay Silver. Prepapre the gold component according to the above instructions. Take into account that the silver will shrink whereas the gold will maintain its size.

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