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Art Clay Silver
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The clay consists of 90% silver/copper alloy with 10% binder and water.

Purity after firing is 950 (Sterling Silver 925).



Moulding and drying is exactly the same as current Art Clay Silver.


Kiln Firing

Art Clay 950 can be fired in the kiln WITHOUT charcoal.

Place the dried piece in the kiln and ramp up to 500°C, hold for 30 min., then ramp up to 850°C and hold for 60 min.

Cool down inside or outside the kiln.

Shrinkage 11-13%.



Extra Strong Quality

After firing the piece has a strength similar to Sterling Silver. Art Clay 950 offers new design options, in particular for finer and thinner object, such as rings, clasps etc.

Thanks to the hard surface it does not scratch easily. This makes it a more suitable product for the professional jewellery maker.

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